A Welcome Message from M&V

I have been kicking around the idea of starting some sort of a blog-like thing for a while now and finally decided to jump in and see how it goes.   Maybe I write this introduction and never post again, maybe it turns into something more….only time will tell.

For now, this will be focused on two (highly unoriginal) topics:
  • Dining out (primarily in San Francisco, our current home); including some bar talk
  • Travel
Basically, I hope to create a little log of all the wonderful (or not so much) places and things that my wife and I do.  Plus, since we already take a million pictures of food and do nothing with them we now will at least have a little bit of an excuse to be “that guy” holding everyone else up from chowing down.
A quick preview of what is to come:
  • A weekend trip to Napa and Santa Rosa [Russian River Brewery] in September
  • Two weeks in Singapore/Japan in November
  • A weekend trip we took to Portland, OR in June [to use a filler as this gets started]


  • Domo Sushi [7/13 meal]
  • Le Pigeon [back in Portland]
  • A new place each week


  • Mikkeller Bar
We hope you follow us along on this journey which in turn I hope that I am able to keep writing about….
Until next time – M&V