The Blue Plate

Time: Saturday. April 19. 7:30 PM. Reservation.
Location: SF; Bernal Heights/Mission
Address: 3218 Mission St
Cuisine:  American (new), Comfort
Party Size:  2 (M&V)
Order: 3 small plates, 1 large plate, 1 sides, 1 limeade
Pre-tip Cost: $78 [$72 food & drink; $6 tax]
Verdict:  Comfort food in a comfortable setting.

Comfort food means different things to different people.  To me, all that is comfort food can be summed up in a tuna noodle casserole and apple pie.  That meal transports me back to the simpler days of home-cooked family dinners shared at our Amish-made kitchen table.   At the Blue Plate I wasn’t able to get that meal specifically, they offer a slightly more elaborate menu, but the “back at home” feeling was there all the same.

Above the entrance to the Blue Plate is a neon sign that declares a simple but direct message:  EAT.  The facade has two windows that look into the bustling front dining area and open kitchen.  Two miniature wood half doors lead the way in.


The front area has a modern feel to it, with a few tables and some bar seats up against the counter of the open kitchen/prep area.    However, it is the back dining area that gives off the vibes that this place was once someones actual home dining room.   The way the rooms are partitioned off with framed, open doorways show the original structure of a house.  There is a single chandelier that hangs from the ceiling to light the room.   On the beige walls hang some paintings (that didn’t appear to be for sale).


The menu is divided into three sections:  small plates, large plates and sides.   As it was only the two of us tonight, we were a little limited in the variety we could order and decided to go with three small plates, a large plate and a side.


For the small plates, we started with the marinated white anchovies served over an almond polenta.


That was followed by the absolutely incredible toasted faro and slow egg.   Served with some arugula and grilled bread, this dish was the highlight of the meal.    The picture doesn’t do it justice.



Our final small plate was the grilled mortadella, also served with grilled bread that is topped with a fondue like white american cheese.  The saltiness of the meat and cheese was complimented by the date mostarda (a candied fruit and mustard flavored syrup; essentially a jam).


For our main dish, we shared the fried chicken and also decided on the highly regarded mac & cheese.

The mac & cheese has a mild goat cheese as its base which grants an interesting kick to a classic dish.   I am a big fan of goat cheese so it was no big thing for me, but Minako who generally isn’t a fan of the goat even enjoyed it.   The dish is lightly topped with bread crumbs, baked, and served piping hot.

goat mac and cheese

The fried chicken was crispy and meaty, and was served with  a side of creamed kale.   The jalapeño buttermilk dressing added a nice kick without too much heat.

fried chicken

At this point, we were stuffed.   The desert menu came and even though my second favorite pie was staring me in the face (coconut cream), I was unable to gobble another morsel.

We left the Blue Plate full and satisfied (with a nice 30 minute walk to help burn it off) and learned a lesson the hard way – if you eat too much comfort food, it will quickly become uncomort food!

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