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Eddie’s Cafe

800 Divisadero Street
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Welcome to the first installment of Quick Eats – a rundown of an experience that is worth writing about but doesn’t have the need for a full blown post.  In these bite size posts, you can expect things like brunches, sandwiches and other one plate type meals.  Enjoy.

Eddie’s Cafe is old San Francisco at its finest.  A greasy spoon diner (with nine counter spots and six tables) known for their breakfast that is a flashback to Divisadero, before the area’s resurgence.   On the back wall sits a functioning pay phone which randomly rings, likely used to for takeout orders.  The sign, well it says it all.


And let me tell you, the place serves an old fashioned American breakfast the way your mom made it:  pancakes, eggs, meat.   The focus at Eddie’s Cafe is not on local, organic, sustainable, farm to table ingredients but instead is on providing a hearty breakfast platter sure to cure the worst of hangovers (if needed), and cheaply at that.

There is no wait list at Eddie’s Cafe; the line just forms around the front.  When the first party is ready, a server just bangs on the window from the inside as a summons to your seat.  The menu is naturally just a laminated sheet of paper offering three styles of food:  meats, omelets and pancakes.  Most come with the difficult choice of hash-browns or grits and toast or biscuit.

Sweet and Fluffy Biscuit
Denver Omlete with Hash-Browns
Chicken Apple Sausage, Pork Chop, 2 Sunny Side Up, Grits

Eddie’s Cafe offered exactly what we wanted, a traditional American breakfast (none of this “brunch” BS).  At $30 for the two of us, we were forced to question if we were even still in San Francisco.

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