é by José Andrés – Las Vegas, Nevada

é by José Andrés

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd

Behind a closed door in the back of Jaleo, the lively paella restaurant in the stylish Cosmopolitan hotel, hides the eight seat counter that is é by José Andrés.  Run by a world renown chef and featured in Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Las Vegas episode, é by José Andrés is a temple of molecular gastronomy, served course by course by course over a three hour span.

The reservation process is on the untraditional side.  No OpenTable or phone numbers needed, instead reservations open up at the stroke of midnight on a 90 day rolling window by emailing reserve@ebyjoseandres.com.  The restaurant responds with a required paper form to fill out and return to confirm the seating. Once confirmed, a few weeks down the road the infamous Golden Ticket arrives in the mail.


They recommend that you arrive a few minutes early as the staff reviews the beverage options, which includes three levels of wine pairings as well as by the glass and bottle offerings.

When the entire group arrives and drink orders have been place, the party is whisked away to the back corner where é by José Andrés sits.

Guests are greeted with an herbal towel, served in a ceramic reproduction of José’s extended hand.


After getting settled into the dining area, the kitchen staff introduces themselves (most of the plating is done in front of your eyes) and the food onslaught beings.  Due to the volume of courses and photos, I will withhold from getting too detailed about each course and just let the pictures do the talking.




Iced edible sangria served in a halved wine bottled.

Branch of the Desert



Raspberry Dice



Potato Glass with Anchovy Butter



Savory Donut with Foie Gras Filling





Couch and Pillow (Peanut Praline Dusted with Plum)


Beet Gazpacho Soup Sandwich

E_07a_Beet E_07b_Beet E_07c_Beet

Spanish Pizza; Topped with Truffles

E_08a_Pizza E_08b_PizzaTruffle E_08c_PIzzaBoxes E_08d_PizzaBox

The crust was hardened cheese.

Clam in Olive Oil with “Air”

E_09a_Clam E_09b_Clam

Cheese and Nuts (Hazelnut Caviar)

E_10a_CheeseNuts E_10b_CheeseNuts

Sparkling Wine Sangria Shot

E_11a_SangriaShot E_11b_SangriaShot

Apple and mint in the center, a chilling explosion when the skin is ruptured.

Salt Cod Skin with Truffles

E_12a_SaltCodSkin E_12b_SaltCodSkin

Iberico Chickpeas with Truffles

E_13a_IbericoChickPea E_13b_IbericoChickPea E_13c_IbericoChickPea

Squid with Rosemary Air

E_14c_Squid E_14d_Squid E_14e_Squid

Fluke Loin with Squid Ink

E_15a_Fluke E_15b_Fluke E_15c_Fluke E_15d_Fluke E_15e_Fluke

Australian Wagyu with Truffle Gnocchi


Aged Goat Milk Cheese with Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Berries

E_17a_GoatCheese E_17b_GoatCheese

Cotton Candy Empanada filled with Foie Gras

E_18a_Empanada E_18b_Empanada

Elderflower Toffee with Almond Milk

E_19a_AlmondMilk E_19b_AlmondMilk

Rum and Coffee


Golden Ho-Ho

E_21a_Hoho E_21b_Hoho E_21c_Hoho

Ferrero Roche Wrapped in Gold

E_22a_Ferro E_22b_Ferro E_22c_Ferro

Citrus Custard

E_23a_Custard E_23b_Custard

Various Desserts


José’s Gin and Tonic


é by José Andrés was a highly entertaining and deeply satisfying dining experience that over delivered my expectations. é by José Andrés should be on any food traveler’s short list on Las Vegas destinations.

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