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Aster (アスター)ミッション、サンフランシスコ


1001 Gurerrero Street


という訳で、今回は最近サンフランシスコのミッション地区に新しくできた「Aster (アスター)」をご紹介します。この場所は前まで「Beast and the Hare」という別のレストランがありましたが、最近このレストランになりました。しかも、このレストランはCoiレストランで有名なシェフDaniel Patterson のGroupの1つです。

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Aster – The Mission, San Francisco


1001 Gurerrero Street

After a medium term break of traveling to Japan twice and continually eating (just not writing about it), we are firing up the old word processor for round two.  Our first meal back on the horse was at Aster, a new establishment filling in the former Beast and the Hare location. Aster is the work of Outerlands chef Brett Cooper and is a part of the Daniel Patterson Group (Coi); expectations have been set.

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Lazy Bear (レイジーベアー)、ミッション、サンフランシスコ

 Lazy Bear

3416 19th Street, San Francisco

最近ミッション地区に出来た新しいレストラン「Lazy Bear」!!このレストランの面白い所は、まずウェブサイトから日時指定の食事チケットを買います。このプロセスを踏まないと当日入れないということですね。でも、とても人気のあるレストランなので、特に週末の場合は予約開始後すぐにチケットがなくなってしまうことが多いようです。また、コースも1種類(ベジタリアン用は別途リクエスト可の模様)しかなく、大きなテーブルに他の人と一緒に座り且つ、皆同時にお料理がサーブされる形式をとっています。そんな一見変わったレストラン体験記です。

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Lazy Bear – The Mission, San Francisco

Lazy Bear

3416 19th Street

It is seldom that a restaurant is as universally praised, so quickly after opening, as Lazy Bear is.  Articles and blogs alike shower Lazy Bear with positive comments about the amazing and innovative dishes and an overall fantastic communal dining experience.  Scoring a seat, especially on a weekend, can be a challenge – but having finally done so we  were absolutely stoked to check out the most hyped up place in the city.

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The Progress – Western Addition, San Francisco

The Progress

1525 Fillmore Street

The Progress – quite possibly the most hyped 2014 restaurant opening in all of the Bay Area – is the second offering from the husband and wife team of Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski.  Located next door to their critically acclaimed and  impossible to get a reservation at State Bird Provisions, The Progress is sure to draw comparisons to its wildly successful neighbor.   But is that comparison really fair?

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フラワー&ウォーター (ミッション、サンフランシスコ)


住所:2401 Harrison Street, San Francisco

サンフランシスコのミッション地区にある美味しいピザとパスタが食べられるレストラン「フラワー&ウォーター」へ行ってきました。 1年位前にも行ったことがあるのですが、その時も美味しかったのでまた来てみました。また、予約が可能な数席以外は早い者順となるので、いつもオープン前から列が出来ていることが多いです。でも今回は、数ヶ月前に予約をしたので、並ばずに入れました。

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Flour + Water – Mission, San Francisco

Flour + Water

2401 Harrison Street

Flour + Water, situated in the middle of the Mission, has earned quite a reputation for the handmade pasta they’ve been making daily and slinging for the last five years.   Our first impression at Flour + Water a year or so back was good enough that we decided to return for more.

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Quick Eats: Eddie’s Cafe – NoPa

Eddie’s Cafe

800 Divisadero Street
no website

Welcome to the first installment of Quick Eats – a rundown of an experience that is worth writing about but doesn’t have the need for a full blown post.  In these bite size posts, you can expect things like brunches, sandwiches and other one plate type meals.  Enjoy.

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1760 – Nob Hill, San Francisco

Time: Wednesday. July 09, 2014. 8:00 PM. Reservation.
Address: 1760 Polk St
Cuisine:  American (new)
Party Size:  3 (M&V; M)
Order:  5 glasses of wine, 7 entree plates, 1 dessert
Pre-tip Cost: $233 [$206 food & drink; $18 tax; $8 SF health charge]
Verdict:  Feels like they are going for a Michelin star, not sure if they can make it.

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Maruya – Mission, San Francisco

Maruya – Mission, San Francisco

Time: Saturday. June 18, 2014. 8:00 PM. Reservation.
Location: Mission, San Francisco
Address: 2931 16th St
Cuisine:  Japanese (sushi)
Party Size:  2 (M&V)
Order:  Masa-Hide Omakase
Pre-tip Cost: $ 387 [$356 food & drink; $31 tax]
Verdict:  Maruya is a strong contender in the ‘best sushi in SF’ discussion.

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