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Saison (セゾン)


178 Townsend Street

私たち夫婦の中では9月と言えば、結婚記念日なので、今年も行きたかったレストランの1つである「セゾン」に行ってきました。今年日本に行った時に東京にある「神楽坂 石かわ」に行ったのですが、そこのシェフが「先日サンフランシスコに行った時にセゾンに行ってすごく美味しかった」と言っていたので、サンフランシスコに住んでいるからには是非とも行きたいと思っていたので、この日をすごく楽しみにしていました。それでは、1品1品ご紹介していきます。

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Saison – SOMA, San Francisco


178 Townsend Street

If you follow the blossoming Bay Area food scene, by now you have surely come across the name Saison and Chef Joshua Skenes. Saison holds two prestigious honors – it is one of the four Bay Area Michelin three star restaurant (along with The French Laundry, Benu, The Restaurant at Meadowood) and is hands down the most expensive meal in the region.  Lucky for us we had an anniversary to celebrate and decided to take the plunge, willing to put the high expectations to the test.

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アレクサンダーステーキハウス Soma, San Francisco


448 Brannan Street


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Alexander’s Steakhouse – SOMA, San Francisco

Alexander’s Steakhouse

448 Brannan Street

A few years ago, one random Saturday afternoon during a stroll through SOMA we walked past Alexander’s Steakhouse.  A quick scan of the posted menu, loaded with various cuts of steak, was all I needed to add the place to the ever-growing restaurant list – all we needed was the excuse to go.  Thank you, birthday.

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Marlowe – SoMa, San Francisco

Time: Saturday. June 14, 2014. 8:00 PM. Reservation.
Location: SoMa, San Francisco
Address: 330 Townsend St
Cuisine:  American (New)
Party Size:  6 (M&V; L&Y; K&S)
Order:  5 entrees, 9 appetizers, 1 dessert, 8 glasses of wine, 2 espresso
Pre-tip Cost: $364 [$325 food & drink; $29 tax; $10 healthy SF]
Verdict:  We had some Mar-highs and some Mar-lows.

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